We all know that online journals are the workhorses of the academic library. Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students continually tell us that the ability to access journal articles from off-campus and at any time is important to their research and teaching.

But how often are online journal articles used by Hopkins researchers? Lots. TONS. Libraries get reports of the number of articles accessed from the publishers of (most) online journals.

Below are the five online journals that had the most articles accessed between January and May 2010. These 5 titles had 181,994 articles accessed over 151 days; that’s an average of 1,205 articles per day. For just these five titles!

Nature – 64,109
Science – 45,772
Lancet – 26,143
Cell – 23,877
USA Today – 22,093

Do you read any of these? Are you wondering where your favorite journal lands in the list? After the jump, you’ll find a list of the 50 most-accessed journals (January – May 2010). Search for any of them using our Search a citation link.

JHU’s 50 most-accessed journals (January – May 2010)

    1. Nature
    2. Science
    3. The Lancet
    4. Cell
    5. USA Today
    6. Neuron
    7. Plos One
    8. Journal Of The American Chemical Society
    9. Nature Neuroscience
    10. Nature News
    11. Economist
    12. Nature Medicine
    13. Nature Genetics
    14. Social Science & Medicine
    15. Biochemical And Biophysical Research Communications
    16. Callaloo
    17. Harvard Business Review
    18. Journal Of The American College Of Cardiology
    19. Oncogene
    20. Early American Imprints Series 1
    21. Neuroimage
    22. Nature Biotechnology
    23. Nature Methods
    24. Vaccine
    25. Advertising Age
    26. American Journal Of Epidemiology
    27. Proquest Dissertations And Theses
    28. Journal Of Molecular Biology
    29. Current Biology
    30. Education Week
    31. Nature Cell Biology
    32. Biomaterials
    33. Molecular Cell
    34. Nucleic Acids Research
    35. Nature Reviews Neuroscience
    36. Ophthalmology
    37. Critical Care Medicine
    38. Brain Research
    39. Biochemistry
    40. Neuroscience
    41. Ajn, American Journal Of Nursing
    42. The Journal Of Organic Chemistry
    43. The Journal Of Urology
    44. Human Molecular Genetics
    45. The Embo Journal
    46. Library Journal
    47. Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology
    48. Developmental Biology
    49. Biophysical Journal
    50. Nature Reviews Cancer

Remember, accessing these journals via the links you find through the library is the way to use these remotely.

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