I’m often drawn to figures who can be described as polymaths. The word certainly applies to seventeenth century scientist and natural philosopher Robert Hooke, having been cited for his microscopic and telescopic observations, his work in architecture, and for being both the originator of Hooke’s Law and the person who coined the term cell. So, it perked my interest to read that some of his journals are now available online.

A selection of Robert Hooke’s journals have been digitized and made available on the web by The Royal Society and the Center for Editing Lives and Letters (CELL).

In the below video, Professor Lisa Jardine talks about the rediscovery of a folio of minutes by Robert Hooke, at the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition 2006. You can read more at Exploring our Archives, the blog of The Royal Society.

Read more from our library collections about Hooke. Or, read his works.

(Seen on Liberal Education Today.)

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