The publishers Blackwell and Wiley spent the past weekend merging their online journal holdings. Wiley is now back online. There are a few gaps in what is available. Wiley has made a list available of the journals that are still down.
Right now the FindIt links from our research databases (think Academic Search Premier or Web of Science) aren’t working for the Blackwell journals. They only take you to the Wiley home page. From there you will have to navigate to the journal article you are interested in. This may take several days to fix.
If you have questions, please contact your liaison librarian.

One thought on “More on Wiley and Blackwell Online Journal Merger

  1. Why have the two online journals merged?

    Blackwell and Wiley are two very large publishing corporations; so this was a very large business deal involving millions of pounds (Blackwell is a British firm) and dollars (Wiley is based in the States). I’m afraid I don’t truly understand these buyouts and consolidations, but the publishing industry has been doing this kind of thing for several years. Here is just one article about the purchase. There are plenty of others out there.
    Robin N Sinn
    Research Services

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