This weekend (Nov 17-18) we’ll be moving all of our computer servers to another building. Trust me, this is a good thing. The computers will be very happy in their new home,

For humans the down side is that some of the libraries online services won’t be available Saturday night and early Sunday morning. For example:

  • The web site will be up — but the blog will be down
  • The catalog will be down — but ILL will be available
  • The e-journals and databases will be available on campus — but off campus you’ll have to use the VPN because the proxy service will be unavailable
  • E-Reserves will be down

So print off your reserve articles early. Better yet, take Saturday night off on us. You know you work too hard.

Here’s the formal announcement with the details

Library Online Services Outage

Saturday November 17th 9 PM — Sunday November 18th 10 AM

During the weekend of November 17th the JH Libraries will be moving all of our computer servers to the Homewood Garland data center. As a result many of the libraries online services will be unavailable Saturday evening through early Sunday morning.

  • None of the Hopkins Libraries web sites will be affected.
  • Databases and e-journals:
    • Will be available from on campus and via VPN off campus
    • Will not be available via the proxy service
  • The following library services will be unavailable during the move:
    • Johns Hopkins Library Catalog, including “request” feature
    • JHSearch: the Cross-Database Search Engine
    • Levy Sheet Music Collection
    • Library Services within the Hopkins Portal—
    • Sheridan Library’s Blog
    • Sheridan Libraries E-Reserves
    • Sakai

Systems staff will be on-site from beginning to the end working to ensure the integrity of the move and to restore services as quickly as possible

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