A perennial question (often from rushed students who don’t have time to read a book!), and one easily Photo of pile of booksanswered by this handy online guide. The librarians here at Eisenhower have prepared a thorough list of resources and strategies for finding book reviews.

From newspapers to podcasts, from databases to RSS feeds, and everywhere in between, book reviews are out there. It’s just a matter of patience and craft. If your reading is for a class, probably the best place to start is with the databases for that subject.  Many of the online indexes include book reviews. Often, you can limit your search to this type of material.

Want to read a little more broadly? There are collections of book reviews and essays on books in the libraries’ collections. Try browsing the books under this subject heading. And there are many historical works that give you a picture of a particular time period. Check out the online collections of early texts: Eighteenth Century Collections Online and Early English Books Online. And as always, contact a librarian for more help.

One thought on “Looking for Book Reviews?

  1. Hi Sue,
    I tried searching for a review of one (fiction) title, but had no luck in the “Core” & “More” lists. [FYI-the Booklist link is not working] Then I tried Books in Print and found four reviews on one page. So for contemporary fiction or bestsellers, I recommend BIP.
    – Martha Christensen

    Thanks for your comments, Martha. I will alert Serials that the Booklist link isn’t working (that may be because we canceled our print subscription). And we will be canceling BIP very soon. The research guide we’ve put together for book reviews might be the best source for all the options (referred to in the Blog post as “the handy online guide”.

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