As you dig in to find sources for end-of-semester papers, a question we often hear in the library is how to avoid reviews and focus on journal articles in your searching. As JSTOR puts it so succintly, “Sometimes you need a book review, and sometimes you don’t!”

Watch this video to see how to quickly limit your JSTOR search to reviews of books, movies, and recordings. Or, if you’ve been frustrated in your hunt for journal articles by the frequent appearance of book reviews, watch to learn how to eliminate reviews from your search results.

What, you might ask, is JSTOR? It is an archive of important scholarly journals, spanning many disciplines. This year, we’ve added access to over 200 online journals by expanding our JSTOR subscription. Note that for most journals, most recent 3-5 years are not included.

The video is available in Flash, Windows Media, Quicktime, or iPod formats. Can’t view the video? Read the transcript.

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