Reading full articles isn’t always easy on the Web. To help you with some of those hard-to-read web articles, below is an arc90 lab experiment you may find handy.

Readability is a bookmarklet that attempts to quickly remove all the clutter around what you’re trying to read. While it doesn’t work with every site and isn’t mean to replace how you normally view websites, it does allow you to choose how text displays and read just a bit better without resorting to print. Watch the video below for more information.

Readability : An Arc90 Lab Experiment from Arc90 on Vimeo. Continue reading for instructions on how to install and get started.

To install it

1. Visit:

2. Customize your reading view.

3. Add the bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar.

Whenever you’re on a page worth reading, simply click on the Readability link.

Readability is an arc90 lab experiment.

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