Film ReelIt’s May. And it’s Reading Period. Who has time for movies, unless they’re for a paper or an exam?

Consider this list of the 100 latest additions to the MSEL collection (after the jump) as something to look forward to once finals are done and you can contemplate “pleasure reading and watching” again!

Good luck with your finals!

Call # Title
DVD 3315, The Open Road
DVD 3316, U-Carmen
DVD 3317, Fantastic Planet
DVD 3318, The Rock
DVD 3319, Discovering Dominga
DVD 3320, The Yacoubian Building
DVD 3321, Witches in Exile
DVD 3322, La Haine (Hate)
DVD 3323, Good bye Lenin!
DVD 3324, Coping with Babylon
DVD 3325, Plague City, SARS in Toronto
DVD 3326, Elizabethtown
DVD 3327, Crazy/Beautiful
DVD 3328, The Cat’s Meow
DVD 3329, Gilda
DVD 3330, The Lady from Shanghai
DVD 3331, The Agronomist
DVD 3332, Beautiful Minds: the Psychology of the Savant
DVD 3333, Dias de Santiago (Days of Santiago)
DVD 3334, The Birdcage
DVD 3335, Mona Lisa Smile
DVD 3336, A Paralyzing Fear: the Story of Polio in America
DVD 3337, Gandhi
DVD 3338, This Sporting Life
DVD 3339, The Bourne Ultimatum
DVD 3340, The Sopranos (Season 3)
DVD 3341, The Sopranos (Season 4)
DVD 3344, The Sopranos (Season 6)
DVD 3345, A Helen Adam Reader
DVD 3346, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
DVD 3347, Tunes of Glory
DVD 3348, Thieves’ Highway
DVD 3349, Fröken Julie (Miss Julie)
DVD 3350, Susana
DVD 3351, Deeply
DVD 3352, Children Must Laugh
DVD 3353, Shunpuden, Story of a Prostitute
DVD 3354, Lady Chatterley
DVD 3355, In Between Days
DVD 3356, Billy Liar
DVD 3357, The Devil and Daniel Webster
DVD 3358, Bad Timing
DVD 3359, Persepolis
DVD 3360, Miami Vice
DVD 3361, Say Anything
DVD 3362, Mary Silliman’s War
DVD 3363, The Greatest Silence, Rape in the Congo
DVD 3364, Syndromes and a Century
DVD 3365, The Jane Austen Book Club
DVD 3366, Michael Collins
DVD 3367, Gycklarnas Afton
DVD 3368, Magnificent Desolation Walking on the Moon
DVD 3369, Secret Honor, a Political Myth
DVD 3370, The Naked Prey
DVD 3371, In the Name of Love
DVD 3372, Onibaba Demon Woman
DVD 3373, The Violin
DVD 3374, All my Babies, a Midwife’s Own Story
DVD 3375, Moolaadé
DVD 3376, Psychiatric Phenomena 2007, Psychotic and Manic Symptoms
DVD 3377, Psychiatric Disorders
DVD 3378, Imagina Español sin Barreras
DVD 3379, Choisir le Métier d’Infirmier
DVD 3380, Shoot ‘Em Up, the Truth about Vaccines
DVD 3381, Notas desde Porto Alegre (Notes from Porto Alegre)
DVD 3382, Pierrot le Fou
DVD 3383, Walker
DVD 3384, The Honeymoon Killers
DVD 3385, Kenka Erejii (Fighting Elegy)
DVD 3386, À ma Soeur! Fat Girl
DVD 3387, She’s Gotta Have It
DVD 3388, Mandir, Masjid, Mandal and Marx, Democracy in India
DVD 3389, Kamala and Raji
DVD 3390, Mandir, Masjid, Mandal and Marx, Democracy in India (Archives copy)
DVD 3391, Maîtresse
DVD 3392, Le Journal d’une Femme de Chambre
DVD 3393, The Scarlet Empress
DVD 3394, The Color of Love
DVD 3395, Cocalero
DVD 3396, Cama Adentro (Live-in Maid)
DVD 3397, Leo McCarey’s An affair to Remember
DVD 3398, The King of Kong, a Fistful of Quarters
DVD 3399, Tickets
DVD 3400, Chats Perchés
DVD 3401, Elle s’appelle Sabine (Her Name is Sabine)
DVD 3402, Arranged
DVD 3403, Last Life in the Universe
DVD 3404, Festival shorts collection
DVD 3405, Rêves de Poussière (Dreams of Dust)
DVD 3406, Kaspar Hauser Verbrechen am Seelenleben eines Menschen
DVD 3407, Yoidore Tenshi
DVD 3408, The Jazz Singer
DVD 3409, Scener ur ett äktenskap (Scenes from a Marriage)
DVD 3410, Les Amitiés Maléfiques (Poison Friends)
DVD 3411, Yerma
DVD 3412, Madame Satã
DVD 3413, The Holiday
DVD 3414, My Best Friend’s Wedding

2 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. hah! I wonder how many of those titles you got around to watching? I hate having to curb my entertainment because of work or school obligations. Sometimes I’ll have a single movie or episode of a TV show that I’m just dying to see, yet I can’t justify watching it until I get my homework done! From the list, I’d watch a lot of those titles, and definitely the Sopranos — hopefully in linear fashion.

  2. Thanks for all the new films! It would be very helpful if new releases and other popular titles could be recalled/reserved, even if this means creating a queue of 10+ users. Currently, unless one works in the A/V department, it is neigh impossible to check out a popular title (such as the Wire or Sopranos), exacerbated by the week-long rental time. Shortening the viewing time on new titles to something like 2 or 3 days would also be very helpful. Thanks!

    Leigh Anne responds …

    Thanks for the comment, Laura. We are certainly aware of this problem and are working on a way to create a queue for AV materials. Keep watching the blog for any changes on this front! Also … in a few months we’ll be starting a new popular DVD collection in MSEL. We’ll place 10-15 new DVDs each month on the shelves in the sitting area of M-Level (next to the recent fiction/ nonfiction collection). Keep your eyes open for that soon.

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