There’s a class of comedy currently popular that I can’t particularly stomach. It’s the uncomfortable, anxiety inducing shtick of comedians like Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm (2788-2791) and Sacha Baron Cohen in Da Ali G Show (DVD 2785).

I’ve tried to like them. I have, believe me. One by one, friends have plopped me down on their couches and forced me to sit through multiple showings. Now, let me say, I do believe David and Baron Cohen are masterful comedians. They’re amazing, and their brand of comic social commentary is biting, sharp, observant. But it all too easily slips into cruelty and bitterness.

Despite not being a fan, these DVDs, along with Chappelle’s Show (DVD 2786-2787) which also came in last month, are great additions to the collection. Happy viewing!

DVD 2761, The Blair Witch Project
DVD 2762, A Prairie Home Companion
DVD 2763, Mrs. Henderson Presents
DVD 2764, Spirited Away
DVD 2765, Kiki’s Delivery Service
DVD 2766, Hotel
DVD 2767, The Double Headed Eagle Hitler’s Rise to Power, 1918-1933
DVD 2768, Messiah
DVD 2769, Half Nelson
DVD 2770, Death of Mr. Lazarescu
DVD 2771, Foyles War
DVD 2772, Hustle & Flow
DVD 2773, Street Fight
DVD 2774, Beyond the rocks
DVD 2775, Roma Città Libera la Notte Porta Consiglio
DVD 2776, C.S.A. the Confederate States of America
DVD 2777, Things to Come
DVD 2778, Scoop
DVD 2779, Selma Lagerlöff’s The Saga of Gösta Berling
DVD 2780, Erotikon a Comedy in Five Acts
DVD 2781, Blood Diamond
DVD 2782, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
DVD 2783, Volver
DVD 2784, Paul Robeson : portraits of the artist
DVD 2785, Da Ali G show
DVD 2786, Chappelle’s Show
DVD 2787, Chappelle’s Show
DVD 2788, Curb your Enthusiasm
DVD 2789, Curb your Enthusiasm
DVD 2790, Curb your Enthusiasm
DVD 2791, Curb your Enthusiasm
DVD 2792, The Importance of Being Earnest
DVD 2793, Phone Booth
DVD 2794, The Wind that Shakes the Barley
DVD 2795, The Company
DVD 2796, Mother of Mine
DVD 2797, Gosford Park
DVD 2798, Divided We Fall (Musime Si Pomahat)
DVD 2799, Poseidon
DVD 2800, Cars
DVD 2801, Death of a President
DVD 2802, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man’s Chest
DVD 2803, Young Törless
DVD 2804, Dickens Before Sound
DVD 2805, Werner Schlegel : Sculpture and Drawing 1992-2005
DVD 2806, William Raban
DVD 2807, The Great Match (La Gran Final)
DVD 2808, Madeinusa
DVD 2809, Ciao Manhattan
DVD 2810, 49th parallel
DVD 2811, The Strength to Resist Media’s Impact on Women & Girls
DVD 2812, The Last King of Scotland
DVD 2813, Color Adjustment
DVD 2814, Foyle’s War
DVD 2815, Foyle’s War
DVD 2816, Notes on a Scandal
DVD 2817, Our Country, The dim little island
DVD 2818, The Devil and Daniel Johnston
DVD 2819, A Night to Remember
DVD 2820, Young, Muslim, and French

3 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for the comment and for reminding me that “The Office” (the British one) is out there. It’s definitely something we should have in the collection. I’ll place it on order. Cheers (as Ricky Gervais might say)!

  2. I agree with you Leigh Anne. I just get embarrassed! It’s the kind of humor you have to watch with hands over your eyes. I’d love to watch “The Office” but I would squirm through it.

    -Steve at SAIS!

    PS I am impressed by the arrival of the Edie Sedgwick movie Ciao Manhattan!

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