Film ReelYesterday, a friend sent along this YouTube video spoofing movie trailers. By sheer coincidence, what should come across my desk but a brand spanking new copy of And God Spoke the Making of– : a Documentary (DVD 2906). Some might chock this up to mere happenstance, but I like to think of it as divine intervention.

A mock documentary (or mockumentary) about a producer and director of exploitation flicks who try their hardest to make a classy adaptation of the Bible, And God Spoke is a hilarious take on the movie-making business. In the beginning, the director-producer duo find studio backing, have a massive budget, and con stars and starlets into playing Biblical roles. Nothing goes smoothly, however, and by the end of shooting Jesus’ birth has been filmed in a church Nativity scene.

MSEL has other mockumentaries available for checkout at the AV Center, among the highlights are This is Spinal Tap and Best in Show.

More new movies in the AV center after the jump.

Recent Acquisitions:

DVD 2881, This Film is Not Yet Rated
DVD 2882, Monster House
DVD 2883, Darr, a Violent Love Story
DVD 2884, Monsters and Madmen
DVD 2885, Equinox
DVD 2886, King of Kong Island and Other Ape Flicks
DVD 2887, Chris Welsby
DVD 2888, Alfred Hitchcock: the Early Years of the Master of Suspense
DVD 2889, Ysabel, la Reina Católica (Isabella, the Catholic Queen)
DVD 2891, When Kids Get Life
DVD 2893, A Guide to Recognizing your Saints
DVD 2894, Brat 2 (Brother 2)
DVD 2895, Jésus de Montréal (Jesus of Montreal)
DVD 2896, Ma Vie en Rose (My Life in Pink)
DVD 2897, King Rat
DVD 2898, Anatomy of a Murder
DVD 2899, The Americanization of Emily
DVD 2900, The Elegant Universe
DVD 2901, Wordplay
DVD 2902, Tokyo Godfathers
DVD 2903, Sweet Movie
DVD 2904, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
DVD 2905, Ostrov (The Island)
DVD 2906, And God Spoke the Making of– : a Documentary
DVD 2907, Clean, Shaven
DVD 2908, Suicide Killers: Paradise is Hell
DVD 2909, Border Radio

3 thoughts on “Film Friday

  1. Saw it too. It was great. do you know other mockumentaries ??


    Leigh Anne responds …

    Sure. There are tons out there to chose from. If you’re ever interested in seeing a list of the movies (by genre) that raked high in box office sales, take a look at They list 30 popular mockumentaries that have been produced since 1978 The top five are 1. Borat; 2. Best in Show; 3. A Mighty Wind; 4. Zelig; and 5. Drop Dead Gorgeous.

  2. Great video! Two other excellent mockumentaries are:
    * A mighty wind (DVD 968) – I am a product of the folk music era and loved this send-up of it
    *Forgotten silver (DVD 458)(by LOTR director Peter Jackson) – When this was first shown on New Zealand TV, viewers thought it was a serious documentary.
    Hope to see more “mocs” soon.

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