The question I’m asked most often is, “How do I browse for movies owned by MSEL?”It’s a good question. MSEL’s DVDs and videos are shelved in a secure area in the AV Center on A-Level of Eisenhower. Alas, you can’t physically browse the movie cases we have, but you can browse the collection by using the online catalog. Each video and DVD is given a unique call number, so if you browse by call number, you’ll be able to see the list of movies we have in the collection. Here’s how:

1. From the library homepage, click on the “More Catalog Search Options” link under the catalog search box;

2. Click on the “Alphabetical” link in the blue bar toward the top of the screen;

3. Select “Call Numbers–Other” from the drop down menu;

4. Type in “DVD 1” (if you’re looking for DVDs) or Video A (if you’re looking for VHS tapes) and press “Go”;

5. What you’ll get is a list, in somewhat of a numerical order of DVDs or VHS tapes available at MSEL. You can always click on the “Next 30 Local Call #” link at the bottom or top of the page to see more of our holdings.

HINT: The larger the DVD number, the more recently the movie was purchased. For example, “Yes, Madam!” (DVD 1) was the first DVD we purchased, while David Lynch’s latest movie, “Inland Empire” (DVD 3020), was a recent acquisition. Happy viewing!

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