The Peabody Ballroom Experience – Part 2 of 3

The Peabody Ballroom Experience is an ongoing public humanities collaboration between Johns Hopkins University and Baltimore’s ballroom community, a performance-based arts culture comprising gay, lesbian, and transgender people of color. The project aims to cultivate an exchange of knowledge between JHU and ballroom by offering diverse opportunities for faculty, students, staff, and ballroom performers to […]

The Peabody Ballroom Experience – part 1 of 3

In recent years there has been a strong “public turn” within universities that is renewing interest in participatory action research, community-based learning, and collaborative approaches to knowledge creation. Academic institutions increasingly approach their neighbors as partners in research and not simply objects of study. Major foundations, including the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, increasingly prioritize humanities […]

Jobs, Internships & Research Opportunities

Need a job or internship? Look no further. We’ve collected many of the resources available to JHU students here in a one-stop-shopping blog. STEM RESEARCH OPPORTUNITIES ForagerOne : Created by Johns Hopkins undergraduate students, this website allows you (JHU students only) to search your research topic of interest (neuroscience, psychology, etc.) for professors who are […]

National Library Workers Day – April 9, 2019

As you can guess, our librarians here at Johns Hopkins are busy providing support to our students and faculty; however, this year we were able to snag a few interviews with them for National Library Workers Day (NLWD). Robin Sinn, Office of Scholarly Communication What do you do at MSEL? I support the movement to […]

NOTICE: Elsevier Data Leak—Action Required

Johns Hopkins University has learned of a data leak at Elsevier, the provider of platforms such as Science Direct and Mendeley, and a major publisher of scholarly journals. An Elsevier server was exposing user emails, usernames, and passwords in plain text for an unknown length of time. Password reset links might also have been leaked. […]

Opening Day 2019

It’s Opening Day and we’re sharing a snippet of Johns Hopkins history for baseball fans.   After the Carroll family sold Homewood in 1838, it was let to a series of tenants, the last of which was the Country School for Boys, the precursor to today’s Gilman School. Here, posed on the steps of Homewood’s […]

Sheridan Libraries running faculty survey through April 12

The Sheridan Libraries are seeking input from full-time faculty in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Education, and Business about the role of the libraries in supporting the needs of Johns Hopkins researchers and students. Faculty are invited to complete the Local Faculty Survey regarding the libraries’ resources and services through Friday, April 12. […]

Ada Lovelace Day

In honor of Ada Lovelace Day, an “international day of blogging to celebrate the achievements of women in technology and science,” I’d like to offer a tribute to Rachel Carson, who played a major role in the banning of the pesticide DDT through her 1962 book Silent Spring. Silent Spring is credited as a catalyst […]

Meet our Freshman Fellows – Sarah Elbasheer

This blog post comes from one of our four Freshman Fellows, Sarah Elbasheer, who is researching the ways people valued books at and after the time of print, and how we treat those books today. [Click here to learn more about our Freshman Fellows program] The first time I stumbled across JHU’s “Cathedral of Books,” […]