Freedom Papers: Black Assertions from the Archives

What does it mean to be free?  In its final weeks, be certain to drop by M-Level to view Freedom Papers: Black Assertions from the Archives.  Telling five compelling stories, the exhibit gives voice to Black people, who through their own determination and will, defined and claimed their freedom as they saw it. Drawn from […]

Plagiarism: What You Can Do To Avoid It

            What do Joe Biden, Pharrell, Melania Trump, and T.S. Eliot have in common? They all have been publicly tainted by charges of plagiarism — that’s right: using the words, ideas or images of others without giving originators proper credit. For these folks, the consequences of plagiarizing have not killed careers or tarnished […]

Travelogue: Washington Library Resource Center

Students in Washington are welcome to do research in the Washington Library Resource Center (WLRC), one of the DC Regional Libraries. The center’s staff provides reference consultation, instruction and facilitates access to electronic databases, journals, the online catalog, reserve services, and a collection of materials supporting each of the programs offered by the Krieger Schools […]

LexisNexis Academic – New Interface & Features

Users of LexisNexis (LN) Academic are in for some changes! The redesigned LexisNexis debuted in August. New features include: An EasySearch Form allowing for natural language searching and the ability to search across multiple sources PowerSearch form supporting full LexisNexis query language and the ability to create ad hoc combined sources Ability to display results […]