Omeka for Instruction

The following post describes Omeka, a Web-based exhibition software application, and the how it was selected, installed on a local server, and is currently used at Johns Hopkins. Outside of […]

Beer: The Blog Post

Beer. The mere mention provokes desire and conjures thirst. But is it thirst for the triple-hopped, top-fermented, and bottle conditioned adult beverage that you feel — or thirst for knowledge […]

Aphorisms Add Spice

                So much writing advice focuses on negative rules — “never brashly split infinitives,” “idiomatic expressions won’t hammer home your point,” “avoid clich√© […]

Big Think

So, like going to Disney World and having “It’s a Small World” insidiously infect your very being, you’ve seen and heard the “Leave Britney Alone” video on YouTube once too […]