In A Hurry? Use Hopkins Self-Checkout!

Want to check out a book? Is there a line at the Service Desk? Has the Service Desk closed for the evening? No worries. Use Hopkins Self-Checkout! Use your cell phone! Download the free Hopkins Self-Checkout app. Enter your JHED ID and password, follow the online prompts and you’re on your way. For books that […]

Omeka for Instruction

The following post describes Omeka, a Web-based exhibition software application, and the how it was selected, installed on a local server, and is currently used at Johns Hopkins. Outside of Johns Hopkins these processes may serve as models. Alternatives to local hosting of Omeka are also outlined. Omeka for Instruction Years ago, our Dean, Winston […]

Beer: The Blog Post

Beer. The mere mention provokes desire and conjures thirst. But is it thirst for the triple-hopped, top-fermented, and bottle conditioned adult beverage that you feel — or thirst for knowledge about it? The library is, naturally, the place to go if you thirst after knowledge, even about beer. The Sheridan Libraries have among their collections […]

Aphorisms Add Spice

                So much writing advice focuses on negative rules — “never brashly split infinitives,” “idiomatic expressions won’t hammer home your point,” “avoid cliché like the plague” — but how’s this for a positive?: Employ the occasional aphorism when it will clarify or otherwise bolster your argument. The Oxford […]

Happy Birthday, Arthur Schopenhauer!

The great German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, was born this day in 1788 in Danzig (now Gdansk, Poland), the son of a wealthy merchant, Heinrich Floris Schopenhauer. Young Arthur was unhappily destined to follow his father into a career in commerce, when in fact he wanted nothing more than to study at the university and become […]

Open Access Week: Philosophy Resources

The Open Access (OA) movement is most typically associated with a specific disciplinary domain and a specific format of research literature: The scientific journal article. But OA is actually much broader than this. For instance, there are movements toward OA in disciplines as diverse as History, Anthropology, Economics, and Classics, and movements toward the creation of OA […]

Big Think

So, like going to Disney World and having “It’s a Small World” insidiously infect your very being, you’ve seen and heard the “Leave Britney Alone” video on YouTube once too often. And you just can’t take another cutesy clip of a cat jumping up to flick on a light switch. Or Jimmy Junior playing his […]