Collecting GIS Data via Your Mobile Phone

Historically, when Geographic Information Systems (GIS) users collected field data outdoors, they often used paper forms or dragged along a laptop computer and GPS unit to record observations and measurements.  Once back on campus, the data were uploaded into a GIS project for further analysis.  In situations where an entire class went out field collecting, […]

GIS & Business Locations

Identifying and mapping business locations is one of the most frequent activities embarked upon by geographic information system (GIS) users doing location analysis. Where are the food stores, restaurants, cemeteries, gyms, tattoo parlors, or medical marijuana clinics? Does the proximity of certain business type have a negative or positive impact on the surrounding area? What […]

Where Does Thanksgiving Grow?

If you’re soon to be headed “over the river and through the woods” one question you’ll likely ponder along the way is where does Thanksgiving come from? No, not the history of the holiday, but rather the source of the food on our holiday dinner table. Geographic information systems (GIS) have become an invaluable tool […]