JHU Students celebrating the arrival of Life Magazine at the Sheridan Libraries (just kidding)

JHU Sheridan Libraries are proud to announce that we are now able to provide online access to the complete archive of Life Magazine.

Life Magazine is among the most prominent popular periodicals in American history. From its founding in 1936 until 1978, it was published weekly and offered articles and famous photojournalism covering everything from politics to entertainment and culture. In 1978, it transitioned to a monthly publication, which lasted until the year 2000.

Best remembered for its photography, Life Magazine captured some of the most memorable images of defining moments in American history. The magazine produced iconic photographs of everything from Beatlemania to the assassination of John F. Kennedy and beyond.

Life Magazine’s impact on American culture and the country’s collective memory can not be overstated. In its heyday, Life Magazine was read by a quarter of the population.

For Hopkins’ scholars and students, Life Magazine can be both a tool for research and an object of research in its own right.

Online access to Life Magazine includes full scans of the magazines, including cover materials and advertisements, providing a snapshot of American life and popular journalism at any point in its history.

So take a few minutes and go explore Time Magazine. Whether for research or leisure, anyone can find fascinating insights into the American experience.

Photo taken from “Victory Celebrations.” 1945. Life 19 (9): 21–28