Thank You ImageThe Johns Hopkins Libraries send a warm thank you to those vendor partners who have worked with us for two years and counting to meet the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 crisis. Due in no small measure to this shared understanding and cooperation, our libraries have managed seamless support of JHU researchers in their vital work by the continued ability to provide high quality, critical resources at reasonable price increases. We look forward to continuing these partnerships as the JHU libraries navigate the ongoing fall out and uncertainty caused by the COVID pandemic.

In accordance with JHU EResource Licensing Principles, the Libraries will prioritize vendor partnerships with those committed to transparency, equity, innovation, flexibility and sustainability of pricing models and terms. To quote the 2021 NERL statement JHU Libraries signed: “Now, we come together to call upon vendor and publisher partners to work with us to put an end to outdated and unsustainable pricing models that constrain the vital work of an interconnected global research world.”

Thank you to those of our partners who have demonstrated your willingness to work with us. We would like to list each one of you, but there are so many! You know who you are. Again, Thank You!