poster for National Library WeekNational Library Week is April 3-9, and this year’s theme is “Connect With Your Library.”  It’s a great theme as we’ve found over the last two years that there are many ways to connect with each other to keep supporting your research, teaching, and learning.  While we’re excited to see you face to face (and unmasked), we know that sometimes it’s easier to reach out in a virtual environment.

  • Starting out on a new research project and not sure where to start? Check out our Research Guides, or send an email to one of our subject librarians.
  • Have  a specialized question around data, maps, or GIS?  Experts in Data Services are happy to help.
  • Looking for a rare book, manuscript, or something about the University’s history?  Special Collections is the place to start.
  • Still not sure what to do?  Email  This connects you with a team of magicians, um, librarians, who can help you with the most obscure topic and thorny questions. Not to brag, but we’re so good at this stuff that sometimes it seems like magic!  If you’d like to recognize a member of the JHLibraries staff who’ve helped you, please check out our Kudo Board.