The Sheridan Libraries is launching its  annual edible book festival today, and we invite you to celebrate with us! Wander through our online gallery, vote for your favorite edible books in a variety of categories, and meet some of this year’s contestants during a special hour-long event on Sunday, April 11.  Do peruse our event page to explore this year’s entries, cast your vote, and perhaps get some inspiration for your very own literary bake-off!

This year, we have 28 incredible desserts entered in our edible book festival, ranging from a surprisingly provocative portrait of Beethoven to a tribute to fractal geometry! Basically, there is something for everyone to enjoy, from the voracious reader of graphic novels to fans of classic literature. Just look at these amazing edible books:

The desserts were all made by members of our creative Hopkins community, including selections from alums, students, staff, and donors alike! You can view the full suite of images in our special album. If you are feeling nostalgic for edible books of yore, then view our collection set of festival images dating back to 2014!

Voting closes at 3pm on Sunday, April 11, so be sure to cast your vote before the virtual sugar rush hits. Do check back on our Read It and Eat It page later in May to access our edible book cookbook so you can recreate your faves or put your own spin on an entry.  Perhaps you’ll be in the mood to bake some sweet pretzels that mimic Beethoven’s hair!