Are you interested in learning more about the copyright issues that may arise as you develop your scholarship? Would you like to understand what copyright is, how to work with copyrighted material, and ways that you can manage your own copyrights? If so, Copyright for Graduate Students is for you! There are three workshops available. Each will cover basic information about copyright, with a slightly different emphasis because of disciplinary differences in publishing. 

Copyright with an emphasis on…  Instructor Date/Time Registration Link
Humanities and Music Kathleen DeLaurenti April 6 at 12pm Humanities and Music
STEM and Social Sciences Robin N Sinn April 6 at 4pm STEM and Social Sciences
Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health Caitlin Carter April 14 at 12pm Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health

These workshops are designed for graduate students (and others) who want to understand more about the copyright issues they are likely to encounter. The workshops will cover: 

  • What copyright is and what copyrights you have in your work; 
  • Using third-party works in your writing, including using public domain and openly licensed works, relying on fair use, and securing permission; 
  • Depositing your dissertation or thesis online; 
  • Considerations when signing a publication contract; and
  • Managing your online scholarly identity. 

Join us to learn how to navigate copyright issues so you can focus on your scholarship!