It has been a while since the library’s guide to copyright was updated, so we recently decided it was time for this page to get a whole new look and feel. We’re excited to share this with you because the new pages are intended to help faculty and students understand basics about copyright and why it is relevant to the research and work done here at JHU…and if that isn’t yet enough we’ve also added in some embedded video. To get started, we invite you to view a basic introduction to copyright video from the Copyright Clearance Center.

For students, we’ve added in more links about copyright about how it relates to writing papers for course or publications (including some links related to copyright issues for dissertations). For teaching faculty, we’ve added fair use information for course management software that offers general guidelines for what is probably acceptable under fair use and copyright law. If you are unsure of how to interpret the guidelines for your course, we’ve also included links to the General Counsel’s office so you can easily click through.

There is also an entirely new section called Copyright & Multimedia, which includes royalty-free image and sound sources,  as well as some guidelines on how copyright applies to new multimedia technology. If you thought there could not possibly be more, you’re wrong!—there are also a few more fun items to check out including:  Out of copyright books listed in Jscholarship and the ever popular parody called A Fair(y) Use Tale.

If you think any information should be added to our page, please do let us know!

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