Self-checkout kiosk (MSEL, M-level)

Want to check out a book?  Is there a line at the Service Desk?  Has the Service Desk closed for the evening?  No worries.  Use one of the library’s self-checkout options!

Option 1:  Use your cell phone!  Download the free meeScan app; scan your JCard, follow the online prompts and you’re on your way.  For books that you’re using in the library or keeping in a carrel or locker, check them out with your phone and you’re all done.

Download the meeScan app.

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If you’re taking books out of the library, stop by the station near the Information Desk to desensitize each book so you won’t set off alarms when you leave the building.  More detailed instructions are available at the station near the Information Desk.

Eisenhower library book deactivation station
Deactivation and self-checkout kiosk (MSEL, M-level)


Option 2:  Use a self check-out machine located near MSEL and BLC exits.  Scan your JCard and follow the instructions on the screen.

Questions? Service Desk staff will be happy to assist!





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