New and improved! Expanded scanning functionality is now available for Hopkins students, faculty and staff. You can even scan in color!

How does the service work? Simply visit any of the three large M-level copiers/printers (on the left side of the M level Copy Room) or the one down on A-level. Step-by-step instructions will be posted for your convenience. Please note, in order to begin scanning, you’ll need to swipe your J-Card. You will not be charged for the service.

Once you’ve completed your scan, you have two output options:

  • Scan and Send – to the e-mail address that has to be entered (we do not support JHED / LDAP address books at this time)
  • Scan and Store – saving the job to the USB drive.

Please let us know what you think of the service. And if you have any questions, just stop by the Info Desk.

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