As the semester creeps ever closer, we at the Service Desk (formerly Circulation) would like to remind you that there are a multitude of things to check out other than books here at the library. The following are some invaluable items available at our desk on M Level.


  • Mac and Dell computer Chargers, iPhone 4 and 5 phone chargers, and micro-USB phone chargers.
  • Check out for 2 hours. You may renew them once.

Digital Pens

  • Use these at select group study locations in MSEL and BLC.
  • Check out for 4 hours. You may renew them once.


Laptop Locks

  • Use these to secure your laptop while studying in the library.
  • Check out for 4 hours. You may renew them once.

As long as you have borrowing privileges, all of these essential items are available for check out. So the next time you are in the library working on a paper and your laptop battery runs low, do not panic! Instead, come to your friendly neighborhood Service Desk for assistance!

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