flying saucerHi, everyone! Sci Fi Librarian is here to look ahead to when you’ll be finished with exams and have some time to watch science fiction movies again.

My brain will be fried by then. Modern sci fi movies make me think too much.

Then let’s choose movies that are just mindless sci fi fun. Get ready to do *zero* thinking.

Step #1: Find them.

  • In the library catalog, put the phrase “science fiction” in the SUBJECT
  • Under FORMAT (on the left), choose DVD. Wow, 313!
  • Change the dates: you’ll see that the publication years stretch from 1926-2016: 90 years of sci fi movies! (The 1926 was Fritz Lang’s classic Metropolis, but that’s sort of not fun.) Change the years to 1930-1960.

Step #2: Choose some that you want to see. For example:

Step #3 — Take the call numbers to the M-Level Service Desk, and the nice people will bring the DVD’s to you.

These look really great, and I won’t need to use my brain at all! I love the trailers, too. But which one would you choose as the most brain-vegetating sci fi movie of all?

A more fun question would be, “which has the worst special effects of all?” That’s a tough call; like I really loved the alien’s costume of gorilla suit plus diver’s helmet in Robot Monster. But treat yourself to:

So hang on, everyone! You can do it! And then it will be time once again for classic, awful, no-thought-required wonderful science fiction movies!

Wow, thanks, Sci Fi Librarian!



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