If I NEVER see another midterm again, it will be TOO SOON.

I’m tired of Netflix and I’m IN the library — what movies do *they* have?

That’s too many to search. How do I find the new ones?

Better, but still too many to look through.

Okay, that works. So where are they?

  • “Current DVDs” are in Eisenhower Library, in the M Level seating area next to the guard’s desk. Those two shelves under the stairs have new DVDs as well as new books.
  • If the locations is “Eisenhower M Level Service Desk,” that’s the big desk where you check out books, just a few steps away.

I can check these out, right?

  • Absolutely. You can have up to five McNaughtons or up to three from the rest of the collection.

Can I watch them here?

  • Sure. There are DVD players on A Level, in the Audiovisual section (in those gray cubicles near the elevators). By the way, getting some movies to erase the memory of exams was a really good idea.  🙂



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