OscarsIf you’re like me, you stayed up far too late last night watching the 79th Academy Awards. It’s an annual ritual that I look forward to.

Did you know that the Library has ordered many of the Oscar nominated movies for this year and plans to purchase others as they become available?

The Audiovisual Center on A Level of Eisenhower has an ever growing collection of popular, independent, and avant garde movies available for you to check out or watch in the Library.

So while you’re waiting for movies such as Little Miss Sunshine to arrive and after you’ve watched Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth (DVD 2456), check out some of the past Oscar nominated movies owned by Eisenhower. For example, we own all of last year’s nominees for best picture: Brokeback Mountain (DVD 2086); Capote (DVD 2104); Crash (DVD 2167); Good Night, and Good Luck (DVD 2105); and Munich (DVD 2273). Happy viewing!

One thought on “Oscar Nominated Films at the Library

  1. How do you do a search in the catalog to list just dvd’s (I don’t have a vhs player) in alphabetical order?

    Leigh Anne responds …

    What a great question! From our library homepage, http://library.jhu.edu , click on the link “More Catalog Search Options” toward the middle of the page. Then click on the “Advanced Keyword” search button.

    On the Advanced Keyword search screen, it is best to limit your search by material type. Under Material Type, select “Videos, DVDs, films, slides, etc.” from the drop down box. Then type in “DVD” in the General Keyword search option. If you press “GO” at this point, you will get a few thousand titles of the DVDs that Johns Hopkins’ Libraries owns or that are currently on order.

    If you’re just looking for feature films (and not the science, business, and education DVDs that we also own), you should type “Feature films” (remember to place quotation marks around this phrase) as a Subject Keyword search option and “DVD” as a General Keyword search option. You’ll get a few thousand hits for contemporary films such as Michael Gondry’s The Science of Sleep (DVD 2610) and film classics like D. W. Griffith’s The Birth of a Nation (DVD 781).

    To view the titles in alphabetical order, at the bottom of the Advanced Keyword search screen under Sorting, select “Title” from the drop down menu.

    And of course, if you have additional questions about movies in the JHU Libraries you can email me at lapalmer@jhu.edu . Ciao!

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