Your favorite bricks-and-mortar location for science, engineering, and medicine — that’s C Level, of course — has made some changes. Let’s discuss.

I went to the shelf where I always find the books that I use, but they weren’t there. What happened?

  • The books on C Level have been shifted — we spread them out so that there aren’t any more tight spots.

Then how do I find the things that I want?

  • When you look up the book in the library catalog, you’ll see a little map that shows you where a book is located.
  • Also, on C Level, on top of the first short shelf, there’s a map that shows the call number ranges.

 The Science Reference section looks great! What did you do?

  • Thanks for noticing! Your science and engineering librarians pulled out the stuff that was old or wasn’t heavily used, and then shifted everything that was left so that it’s all easier to find.

There are some shelves of  books in the back of the room that weren’t there before.

By the way, why is there a big empty place on the floor behind the elevators?

After the big shift, there were lots of empty shelves, and they’re going away. Then the floor there will be cleaned and waxed, and new wooden individual carrels will be put in. The project will start in June and be done by mid-July.

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