There are bright orange signs hanging all over the Science Reference section. The signs say “Don’t Put the Books Back!! (We’re counting.)”

What on earth is going on down on C Level? And why can’t you put the books back?

Unless you’re a freshman, you have probably seen these loud orange signs before — for two weeks every semester, your science/engineering librarians write down the titles and call numbers of all Science Reference books that are used.

Why do we do this? To help you! For example:

  • If we see lots of books in a particular subject being used (like linear algebra or anatomy), we know that we need to make sure that there is a good selection of books on that topic on the regular shelves so that you can check them out. (As you know, you cannot check out Reference books.)
  • We can see which of the heavily used Sci Ref books are getting worn out so that we can repair or replace them.
  • When we see books about a subject that we don’t usually see, we know that there is probably a class or assignment in that subject, and we can contact the professor to ask if we can offer information to the class.

So when you use a Science Reference book (it says Sci Ref on the spine label, as shown), please leave it on one of the carts or set it down somewhere. But don’t put it back! At least until the orange signs go away.

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