Baltimore Dance Party, by Erica Hellerstein/ThinkProgress

We’re stunned, or maybe not surprised. We’re sad, angry, frightened. We’re protesting, or helping to clean up, or scouring the news and social media… or maybe we’re feeling helpless, or not sure how to react. Whatever it is each of us at Hopkins is doing, thinking, and feeling in response to the tragic death of Freddie Gray while in police custody–and the events of the past week–one thing we have in common, one thing we all know, is how to learn.

Here is the beginning of a list of resources you might find helpful as we continue on this journey of learning, discussion, reflection, and action. With a few exceptions, these resources are focused on Baltimore: about Baltimore, by Baltimore writers, or published in Baltimore.

History and Sociology

Autobiography and Biography

Fiction and Poetry

Music, Art, TV, and Film

Please send us comments with your suggestions for additional resources: books, articles, blog-posts, films… Your suggestions may go beyond Baltimore, which is great. But by starting here, with this city, we give a shout-out to this place that is for all of us, in some way, home. Let’s show it our love by learning.

3 thoughts on “Baltimore-Centric: A Learning List

  1. Don’t forget ‘Cop in the Hood’ printed by Princeton University Press. An academic writes about being a Baltimore Cop for two years.

    Check it out!

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