The JHU Libraries purchase new books from Springer, a large STEM publisher, as ebooks. We’ve been doing this for about 4 years now, so there are thousands of them in Catalyst. If you’d like to purchase¬†hard copy of one of these titles for your personal collection, that is now an option.

springerbooksThe Details

  • Costs $24.99, includes shipping.
  • Must be a Springer ebook listed in Catalyst.
  • English language book.
  • Less than 1200 pages.
  • Single volumes only (can’t be part of a series).
  • Cover is color; all else is black & white.
  • If extra material was added online, that will not be part of your book.11-20-2014 3-34-43 PM

The books are good quality; I bought one last year because it was the textbook for one of my daughter’s classes. When you’re at the Springer site, look for the ‘mycopy’ image below the book cover; that will let you order the book.

If you don’t want a print book, don’t worry! Springer is great about their ebooks! You can download the entire book with one click. They also let you download a chapter at a time.

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