The Sheridan Libraries Blog team was busy in 2013, serving up blog posts on a variety of topics related to the libraries, JHU, Baltimore, or… nothing in particular. Here’s a look back at the blog posts of 2013.

ReadingIMG_1812 is (obviously) important to us. “What are you reading?” was answered by several JHU administrators and researchers. Desert islands, summer reading, armchair travel, and choosing books to read were all addressed.

History is often on our minds. Our writers have looked at Libraries through the Ages, the history of the Roland Park Company, as well as The History of the Library. Libraries also work on how to preserve digital information for future historians.

The library can’t get along without technology. We offered tech help with Catalyst, diacritics, and our new hours page. Behind-the-scenes tech was explored in posts about digital forensics and cataloging.

Librarians are big into helping you use library resources. We’ve shared information about using bibliographies, comparing cultures, using GIS, sharing your research data, publishing in Open Access journals, dealing with term papers, and accessing your favorite journals online.

Events are great! A number of JHU and Baltimore events caught our attention: Artscape, FlowerMart, Tournées French Film Festival, and HopSFA.

And sometimes we just want to have fun. We like movies, graphic novels. cookbooks, and Winnie the Pooh.

Have a Happy New Year!

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