Artscape 2013 will be held from July 19th to July 21st. It is a free festival held at the heart of Baltimore City every year in July. Visitors can enjoy exhibitions, music ranging from classical to experimental, and theater performances. Art and craft sales are available as well as a food court, and one should not miss the famous decorated cars. From games and crafts for children to live concerts, the whole family can find activities to enjoy. The Sondheim Artscape Prize is held during the festival. Artscape is the largest free festival in the country and certainly one of the most original and exuberant ones. You can read about it here.

Although Artscape as it exists today has only been around since 1982, there is a longstanding tradition of art-related public events in our fair city. In fact its predecessor, the Baltimore Outdoor Arts Festival, began in the 1950s. Would you like to enjoy outdoor art year-round? Check out these books about public art in Charm City.

Artscape offers many opportunities to sponsor or to volunteer. If you simply want to enjoy a nice stroll, the festival is easily accessible by bus (and don’t forget the free Charm City Circulator), by light rail (University of Baltimore/Mt. Royal Avenue), or simply by walking or biking. So, check out the program and plan your trip now!


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