During your time at JHU, you will probably have to search for journal articles about a topic for research or classwork. As librarians, we try to make that process as efficient as possible. Currently there are dozens (well, OK, there are hundreds) of library databases you can use. We’ve created research guides to give you lists of databases for particular subjects like art history, psychology, or Latin American studies.

It would be nice to search across larger sets of journals, like Google Scholar does. There are several newer products out now and we need your help to narrow down our choices.

We’ve created a site that lets you search for a topic or article title and gives you results from two different products. You will be able to choose which set of results you prefer, or declare a tie. We are evaluating 5 different products, and we won’t tell you which 2 of them you are seeing in each search you perform.

Please do a few searches to help us evaluate these tools! Test as many times as you like. We really want to know what you think about these research tools.

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