The amazing ecosystem that is Johns Hopkins University has countless ways to tell the world about what’s happening here. There are JHU Facebook pages, JHU twitterers, JHU newspapers, and of course, JHU websites.

There are also marvelous blogs.

I know about a few (and I’m obviously reading yours), but who else has a blog?

Hopkins Interactive is a social media website “designed to enable prospective and admitted students…to connect with the University by offering them candid, uncensored information about student life on campus and throughout Baltimore.” Their site has blogs about life at JHU, written by current students, faculty, and many others.

Some academic departments and programs have blogs, such as this one, run by master’s students, from the Institute for Policy Studies.

Other university-related blogs include the Carey Business School’s blog entitled “On Leadership.” Read discussions about aspects of leadership by members of a distinguished panel who write comments that take note of recent news stories.

New Hopkins blogs are being launched all the time: I’m delighted to see the Johns Hopkins University Press and the Office of Facilities Management leap into the blogosphere. OFM’s blogs (News and Alerts) will keep us informed about physical changes and conditions around Homewood campus. And JHUP’s blog has started with authors’ comments about Iraq veterans, advance medical directives, and TinTin.

Follow some of these so that you always know what’s going on!

Hmm, good idea. But how could I ever keep up with all this information?

If you’re using a feed reader, you can easily subscribe to an entire blog or even just a particular category. For example, MSEL’s blog gives you announcements about library hours, news about the Brody Learning Commons, time-saving tips about how to use the library catalog, getting help with your term papers (like that animal behavior report or your paper that needs primary sources), and even how to find fun things (like the latest best-sellers and DVDs). If you love it all, click the “subscribe” tab at the top of the page. Or if one particular category catches your eye, just click the RSS link to the right of it. Don’t forget, you can always just subscribe via e-mail so you never miss one.

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