We’re at that time of year—classes are coming to an end; all floors in the library will soon be open 24/7; and space is at a premium. You were lucky enough to grab that carrel or table and you’re parked there for the duration. No way you’re giving up this hard-won spot, but you’ve got a question. Don’t despair or attempt a psychic mind-meld with us—text us!

Yes, librarians have gone all 21st century! If you’re on one of our quiet floors and can’t use your phone to call us, or your fellow students glare at you if you pound your keyboard chatting with us, just text us at (410) 692-8874. You can text us even if you’re standing in line at Cafe Q or working with your friends on M or A levels. Your text is anonymous; we don’t see your phone number. We’ll reply to you in 150 characters or less and send a follow-up if needed. We’ll reply within the hours we staff this service, and if you reach us outside those times, be assured we’ll reply to you the next day. And of course, you are still welcome to call, e-mail, chat, and visit us in person!

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