You have a problem set due in thermo or orgo, but you’re having trouble following the steps about how to solve certain kinds of problems.

The library has books full of worked problems and their solutions in many areas of science and engineering.

On the library home page is a box labeled Research by Subject. Most of the research guides for engineering and science include a tab called Problems and Solutions. For example, here’s the one in the Engineering guide.

You can find problem/solution exercise books in the library catalog: in the Subject line of the advanced search page, enter the words problems and exercises plus your topic, like this:

You have probably also seen or used this kind of book in these particular series:

  • Problem Solvers — These are in print, in the Science Reference section. Most of them have a yellow stripe across the front cover (and you’ll often see them sitting on the reference carts in the front of C Level). Here is the list of topics and their call numbers.
  • Schaum’s Outlines — These are almost all online. Look for them in the library catalog by putting in the Title the words schaums and calculus (or whatever topic you want)  The Schaum’s page in the guide gives more information.

If you need more help finding books of problems and their solutions, please contact your librarian.

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