We’ve triumphantly returned from Educause Annual Conference after presenting our poster, Tales from the Trenches: Social Media Use at the Sheridan Libraries, to a whole range of folks from higher ed, including professors, IT professionals, deans and librarians, from all over the world—Japan, the West Indies, the UK, France and Canada! We were one of 75 poster presenters, but surprisingly the only one on social media!

People were impressed to hear that Johns Hopkins University has been named the #1 college using social media. And we’re certainly busy beavers, with active accounts not only for the university, but all the individual schools and programs! We’ve even caught the eye of CNN who profiled the success of the student-run Hopkins Interactive blog as a recruitment tool.

While we’re only responsible for the MSE Library accounts—this blog, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube and Tumblr, we felt equipped to share our insights with the larger community; after all, we’ve been at this blogging thing 5 years running! Next time you’re in the library, stop by and check out our poster at the entrance of the Research Services hallway to the left of the Reference Office on M-level. If you want to chat further, please drop us a line!

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