I’m sure you diehard Blog readers remember my post last March on how to find foreign-language films at the library, right? Well, with the launch of Catalyst, our new online catalog, things have changed for the better! It’s now even easier to find films at the library. So, forget everything I said last time – and follow this advice instead!

Catalyst makes it really easy to limit by format, so narrowing any search to videos is simple. You can limit any keyword search (subject, title, person’s name, whatever!) to get films that have that word affiliated with them.

This flexibility is especially useful to find films from other countries.

First, it’s very easy to search for video/film as a format and limit by language on the More Search Options screen.

The results speak for themselves!

Second, you may also search by a country’s name as a general keyword or subject keyword and then limit by format.

You’ll get results like these.

And, if you get too much, Catalyst allows you to continue adding search terms or limiting your search by many criteria. So, happy searching and enjoy the movies!

Stay tuned for future blog posts on using Catalyst for other specialized searches! And, explore Catalyst on YouTube. The search possibilities are nearly endless!

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