Are you from a country outside the U.S. and feeling homesick? Are you a native English speaker studying another language? Or, are you just a polyglot who loves movies? In any of these cases, you may want to find foreign films for your studies or for fun!

The good news is that the Eisenhower Library has many foreign films in its collection; the bad news is that it’s not particularly easy to find them! So, here are some tips:

If you have the exact title in its original language, translated or transliterated, you may search that in the Alphabetical Search portion of the online catalog. Just change the drop-down to “Video Title.”

Or, use the Quick Movie Search on the Film & Media Studies Guide.

If you have a favorite director, search her or his name as an AUTHOR in the Alphabetical Search. Of course, you will also get things that s/he wrote in printed format, but the results will include videos of her or his work.

Mainstream releases from other countries are given a standard subject heading “Feature Films – _____” (fill in the blank with a country name). So, do a SUBJECTS – LIBRARY OF CONGRESS search using that formula in the Alphabetical Search and you’ll get all sorts of good stuff! Or, start with this list and browse down for the country of your choice.

And, if you’re feeling especially daring, dive into the Advanced Keyword Search, put video* (with the asterisk to allow for variant endings) in the general keyword box (you have to enter at least one search term and all video recordings have “video” somewhere in the record), change Material Type to “Videos, DVDs…” and select your desired language from the Language box. Sound complicated? No worries – it looks something like this:

Of course, instead of video*, you may use a subject word, an actor’s name, other search criteria, and then limit by Material Type and Language. So many possibilities!

And after all this, you may need some help (like I said, it’s not easy!). So, please explore other resources on the Film & Media Studies Guide or stop by the library and speak with a librarian. We’re always happy to help!

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