The Sheridan Libraries have been investing in online books over the past few years. Many of these online books reside in collections; a few examples are listed below.

These collections are listed as databases in JHSearch. You can find the individual books by searching the JHU Catalog. Limit your search to only online resources by using the Location: Available Online limit in the advanced keyword search. The Collection will say Internet or Online Book. Other online resources, like journals , will also be in your list. The data in the catalog can’t narrow your search to only online books, only online resources.

Our Technical Services staff – the librarians who maintain the catalog – have made a priority of cataloging online books as quickly possible to help our patrons find them.

Online books are useful because multiple people can use them at once. They can also be used by distance education students. Right now, most of our online books can’t be downloaded; they need to be read online.

Don’t worry; we will not become a bookless library!


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