SpringerMaterials is a new online tool available to the Johns Hopkins Institutions which focuses on data from all areas of the physical sciences and engineering. It contains 250,000 substances and 1,200,000 citations from the Landolt-Börnstein database. Also included are 44,000 Chemical Safety Documents and the world’s largest database on Thermophysical Properties.

Access is quick and easy with a graphical interface periodic table. Select the elements of interest and the interface will quickly limit your hit list to compounds which include your selected elements. From there you can refine your search by the type of data needed.

Are you interested in data associated with the gold alloy found in your dental work? Go to the periodic table and select the elements “Au” (gold), “Ag” (silver), and “Cu” (copper). SpringerMaterials will easily find phase diagrams, crystallography, thermodynamics, and noble metal systems associated with your compound.

This extremely powerful resource replaces more than 400 print volumes, and provides quick access to all Johns Hopkins researchers world-wide.

If you have any questions about accessing SpringerMaterials or any other resource the library provides, please contact your Research Services Librarian, or Regional Campus Librarian.

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