“My habitat (or prison)” from K. Sawyer’s flickr photostream, cc attribution, non-commercial license

The Johns Hopkins Libraries are working on a project to design a new interface for searching and accessing library and other scholarly resources. We are holding interviews to research and explore the variety of ways Hopkins students and scholars work with information, literature and data in their research and teaching.

Everyone works differently. Help build a library search interface that works the way you do.

Interviewing continues for the next four weeks. To learn more about the project or to volunteer to be interviewed, contact Sue Woodson at woodson@jhu.edu or call her at 410-516-5479. Participants will receive a $5 gift card. We look forward to speaking with you!

One thought on “Help the Library, Get a $5 Gift Card

  1. I think libraries and continued growth/technology are so vital to every community. I live in Canada, so I can’t participate but I wish you the very best in this endeavor.

    Cheryl Kaye Tardif

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