You loved browsing the new computer books on C Level, that colorful and up-to-date collection right on the front wall.

You just stopped by to look at the latest MATLAB, Java, and video game design books, but – oh, no, the wall is empty! Where did they go??

Fear not, tech fans: the books have been moved to the regular shelves on C Level, so that they can be with all of the other computer books.

We did this because now we are buying fewer computer books in print,¬†as the Safari database has most of them online (along with computer-related videos). Therefore, that collection on the wall was shrinking a lot. In addition, patrons often didn’t realize that there are many more computer books on the regular shelves, and that they have longer loan periods.

So now, you don’t have to look in two different places if you want a print computer book, and you can keep it longer. Or, you can find books about the topic you want in Safari. (There are signs on the front wall that explain this, too.)

Note: Safari only allows 9 people to use it at the same time, so please be kind and logout when you’re finished.

More information about Safari and loads of other computer-related information can be found on our research guide for Computer Science.

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