We recently purchased Ethnographic Video Online, which is a large collection of online ethnographic films and documentaries. Currently it contains about 300 videos and will grow to 1,000 videos at its completion. The collection is global in scope, and particularly strong in footage of the developing world, including footage from all continents and hundreds of unique cultures.

The collection coverage ranges from the early works of Robert Flaherty in 1922 to the most current anthropological films in a wide variety of themes. Many videos are published here online for the first time, including previously unreleased raw footage and privately held footage from working anthropologists and ethnographers.

Besides the videos, you’ll find photographs, field notes, study guides, and more.┬áSearchable transcripts are synchronized to video. This is a collection of rich primary resources, enabling researchers to conduct cross-cultural comparison and analyze the evolution of practice and discourse in visual anthropology.

Please enjoy our new acquisition!

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