The 2009 Homewood Student Video Competition has begun! Make a short video and enter to win cash prizes and (at least two-three minutes of) fame.

What’s at stake? Cash prizes, including a $500 for First Place, $300 for Second Place, and $200 for either Third Place or the People’s Choice Award. New this year, you can also win special prizes, including a $200 award for the best video highlighting Johns Hopkins library resources or services.

The process is simple: choose one of three themes and create a two to three minute-long video (that, of course, follows the rules). Need equipment or help? Both are available free-of-charge through the Digital Media Center. The deadline for submission is March 25.

The competition is open to all full-time undergraduate and graduate students in Arts & Sciences and Engineering. Submissions may be posted on Johns Hopkins and other websites and used to promote Hopkins to prospective students.

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