Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has launched a new application called Liebert Mobile iPhone App, available for download from Apple’s App Store and iTunes. The Liebert app showcases some of the latest news, resources, press releases, and research in the fields of biomedical, biotech, medicine, surgery, and nursing delivered conveniently to your iPhone. This free mobile app is not only updated daily on a wide array of medical, environmental, and public health issues, but it also offers monthly podcast interviews with leading professionals from around the globe.

The Liebert app can be divided into five distinct features: News, Press, Multimedia, Research, and Resources. To learn more about the functionality of each, continue reading after the jump.

The News section is updated throughout the day, delivering the latest biotechnology news, headlines, and articles. If you find something that is of particular interest, you have the options to view the article in a web browser, share it on Twitter, or send it in an e-mail.

Both the Research and Resource functions pertain to the extensive collection of over 65 authoritative peer-reviewed journals and Liebert reference books available in the mobile collection. “Using the iPhone’s built-in web browser this application provides direct web links to the tables of content, editorial boards, author instructions, and sample issues and book chapters. The direct web links enable timely viewing of content and immediate purchase of subscriptions and articles. Multimedia podcasts and interviews with authors, editors, and prominent scientists are also available through the browser links.” (Liebert app Press Release)

In my opinion, the Press and Multimedia functions are the most limited functions of the app. The Press function only pertains to the Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. and the Multimedia section is sporadically updated throughout the month.  While the podcasts offer interviews with leading biotechnology researchers and newsmakers, there are very few videos available. I found only one video and even connected on a 3G network it took a long time to load.

Overall this app can be helpful in providing up to the minute biotech news, resources, and research tools, but its multimedia functions are severely lacking in comparison. My advice is to try it for yourself. Let us know via comments how the app functioned and if you found it useful.

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