We’re pleased to introduce a mobile interface to the library website. It provides some handy library links and gives you a way to search the library catalog, view research guides, and access databases all from your mobile device.

To visit it, just point your mobile device to the library homepage. The magic internet robots will detect your cell phone and pass you on to the mobile site. Prefer the standard site instead? Click the ‘View standard site’ link at the bottom.

Just remembered that Interlibrary Loan book you have out is due soon? Re-up that valuable resource with some quick taps of the finger. Looking to squeeze in some studying over the holiday? Check the hours for our holiday schedule.

We’re looking to add some more research-oriented mobile apps to our collection. Do you have a personal favorite that we should be aware of? Let us know! Have feedback or questions? Comment here or contact shannan@jhu.edu

3 thoughts on “Our New Mobile Site

  1. Does not work for the Kindle (which connects via 3G). Will there be a direct URL for mobile?

    I’m not sure how well the site will work on a Kindle (give it a shot!), but the mobile site can be reached directly here: http://www.library.jhu.edu/mobile/

    Sean Hannan
    Web Developer

  2. NICE. I just caught this on MyJHU. Very cool. Thank you for being conscious of those students who are very busy and very mobile!
    I do appreciate the auto-detection from the URL, but are you guys planning on making any launchers soon? It would be much more convenient to just click on an icon in our home-screen, with password stored somewhere, than to have open the browser, scroll to bookmarks, select it, then have to login :-\
    Also, it would be great to have a sort of ‘Mobile Research Storage,’ where we can bookmark and categorize (per our research topics at the time) various articles/electronic resources.
    Well, just a thought. Thanks again for keeping JHU at the forefront of research!

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