E-book Subject Guide

Did you know that there are more than 850,000 e-books in the library’s catalog? A new e-book guide has been published which will help you to search, find, and download e-books from the catalog.  It will also give you information about e-reader software, audio books, uploading e-books to e-readers, and how to cite e-books. Don’t […]

QR Codes and the DC Regional Library Resource Centers

What is a QR Code? You have probably already seen a QR code and didn’t realize what it was. A QR Code, short for Quick Response, is a square shaped, two-dimensional bar code that can contain any combination of alphanumeric text or a URL, which can be read by a Smartphone using a QR code […]

Featured app: Liebert Mobile

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. has launched a new application called Liebert Mobile iPhone App, available for download from Apple’s App Store and iTunes. The Liebert app showcases some of the latest news, resources, press releases, and research in the fields of biomedical, biotech, medicine, surgery, and nursing delivered conveniently to your iPhone. This free mobile […]