McNaughton BooksMany years ago, I was working in the library of a science/engineering university in Chicago and a new student asked me “where are the fun books?” I had to reply honestly, if undiplomatically, that we had no fun books. At MSEL, I continue to hear a variation of this question from incoming students who are looking (quite understandably) for something light to read that will give them a break from the demands of their classes.

While the majority of the collection supports the research and teaching needs of the university, the Eisenhower Library still makes room for popular books. Check out the McNaughton Collection of popular fiction and non-fiction and DVDs on M-Level. Consult this handout for finding fiction in the shelves on D-Level. Visit the south end of A-Level and settle into a couch or comfortable chair to read Rolling Stone or People or another popular magazine. Need help finding something? Ask a librarian!

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